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We're currently recruiting based on available space; general requirements include being fun, respectful, helpful, active, level 40+(flexible) and willing to contribute to the guild. Send a pm to TSSalamander or a pm/mail in game to Salamander.
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August 23, 2011 Patch

TSSalamander, Aug 25, 11 2:16 AM.
Yio, late again but here's the recap of the week's patch. To skip all the text that I'm about to write and get straight to the patch notes, click here(for patch notes). General recap includes addition of PvP, two new Heroic Trials; Tasos Channel(5-man) and Baltaroi Core(8-man raid), and CAPTCHA has been removed... yay! A few bug fixes and a few new bugs along with a new territory wars schedule and that's pretty much it for this week. Stay tuned next week. See ya around, have fun, enjoy and always, happy EEing.

First Territory War Success

TSSalamander, Aug 20, 11 10:10 PM.
After many good runs at a territory, we finally obtained a territory. We've been relying on luck the past few runs but this time we managed to solidify ourselves, using organisation and sheer power, in today's war to give ourselves a 25% chance of winning. Good job guys and let's keep up the good work. To receive salary, it's based on level and you must have 200 fame; visit Village Elder Jott for the daily salary. For more information on what else a territory gives ask our leader Xarxes_Break. Let's get level 5 and celebrate with some events including prizes of gold, ap, ap items, and lap dance coupons from yours truly!

August 9, 2011 Patch

TSSalamander, Aug 11, 11 10:47 PM.
Yio, a little late on this, but we got a new patch a few days ago and I'm going to give a quick recap of the past week. For details on the patch click ---> August 9th, 2011 Patch notes. Basically we received a level cap increase to 55 along with many new contents. New class Warlock has been released. New maps and new dungeons within the maps have been added, and Guild territory wars have also begun so we should be preparing for these aswell, for more info click ---> GS Bob's guide to Territory Wars. They've also added an eternal shop system where you can buy ap items(limited selection), for more info click ---> GS Bob's guide to the Eternal/Loyalty Shop. And tactics is taking suggesting on the EE forums, for more info click ---> tactic's suggestion forum topic. New ap items added such as Cavalier and Prep Fortune Bags and more. Stay tuned next week for anything new. See ya around, have fun, enjoy and always, happy EEing.

Patch Tonight

TSSalamander, Aug 9, 11 8:54 PM.
YIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, there's going to be a patch tonight and this one will be the biggest patch EE has had so far. New content that was previewed included lvl 55 cap raise, new warlock class release, pvp, guild territory wars, new maps/dungeons, the eternal shop, crystal altar update, archive update, aven fame fixes and much more. I'll keep you guys posted on further details about the patch once it is done.  See ya around, have fun, enjoy and always, happy EEing.

Level 4 Guild!

TSSalamander, Aug 5, 11 5:18 AM.
Congrats guys on level 4. With this we get more members(more fun), more npc room, more rankings and much more. Also with the guild rankings being reset, we have the chance and are currently one of the top guilds in Eden despite our limited members quantity. That's pretty much it, be sure to check in game for anything new and stay tuned here or the eden eternal website for more future updates. Keep up the good work; see ya around, have fun, enjoy and always, happy EEing.
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